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best creative writing coursesThere has never been a better time to be a creative writer, web sites all over the world are desperately seeking quality content for their readers and digital books, which are now outselling traditional paper books make it easy to publish your own novel and reap the rewards of your writing talent.

Standing out from the crowd in this high speed, technology driven era, demands that the professional writer has a wide range of creative styles that will enable him or her to build a career in  journalism, copy writing, fiction writing, creative non-fiction writing, blogging or possibly a combination of all of these fascinating opportunities.

In order to exploit the myriad possibilities available to the modern author, learning how this exciting new medium of electronic information works is essential and once armed with the necessary skills who knows where your writing talent could take you.

Our online creative writing courses will enable you to nurture your writing at a time to suit you and show you how you can turn your passion into a lucrative career.

Combined Fiction and Journalism Writing Course

Level 3 FQP Accredited

The perfect course for the aspiring author who recognises the need to diversify their writing talents and open up a whole new world of opportunities in the process.

This exciting combination of fiction writing, combined with the skills required to become a professional journalist will ensure you have the necessary skill set to work across a number of different mediums, including television, radio, print and of course the World Wide Web.

This in depth course has been accredited by the FQP, “Focus on Quality Provision” scheme, the course content and amount of study required have been benchmarked against Level 3 on the QCF (Qualification Credit Framework).

In this modern technological age, content is king and as a proficient content provider for a wide range of genres you will be able to reap the financial rewards your writing talent deserves.

For a limited time only enrolment on this course entitles you to a FREE Android Tablet, valued at £89.99 to assist with your online learning.

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nail-technicianStart Date: Anytime

nail-technicianDuration: 12 Months

nail-technicianStudy Time: 100 hours

   Accredited by: Focus Awards

More Writing Courses for your Consideration

novel writing workshop

Novel Writing Workshop

The Novel Writing Workshop online course is taught by acclaimed author and educator, Steve Alcorn, Steve has helped over 20,000 aspiring novel writers to correctly structure their novels and many have gone onto become published authors in their own right.

The goal of the Writing Workshop is to help you write and publish your own novel. Split into four distinct sections the in depth video classes will take you from planning your novel, through step by step guidance on how to write it and finally polishing your work and getting published.

Guaranteed to be an exciting ride, with lots of details about all of the ingredients necessary that go into writing a successful novel.

From day one you will have a solid executable plan, that you can apply to finally achieve success.


writing for children

Writing for Children

If you have always dreamed of creating your very own children's book, to enjoy with your family, your friends, your children, your grandchildren or even to sell to the general public, whether in hard cover format, paperback or even as a digital download this comprehensive childrens writing course will help make those dreams a reality.

Your lessons will begin with exploring the different genres specifically aimed at the childrens book market, from picture books, to young adult novels and everything in-between.

You will then learn how to take your children's book from conception to reality, using techniques that are specific to the children's book market, which are guaranteed to keep young readers enthralled.

The final part of the course is dedicated to getting published and includes in depth information on the lucrative world of self publishing.

become a best selling kindle author

Be a Best Selling Kindle Author

The Amazon Kindle has revolutionised the world of book publishing, in much the same way as the Apple iPod changed the way we buy and listen to music forever.

The Amazon Kindle Marketplace enables readers to download books at the click of a button and enjoy reading on their Kindle device almost immediately.

Amazons forward thinking strategy has also allowed authors who may have struggled to get their book published using conventional methods, a unique opportunity to self publish their books and reach a world wide audience almost overnight.

However this does throw up some new challenges to the aspiring author, how do I format my Kindle Book? How do I market it? How much should I charge?

All of these questions and many more are answered in this exclusive course created by entrepeneur and best selling Kindle author, Tom Corson-Knowles.

How to Start a Writing Career

To become a professional writer you must first decide which sort of genre you want to work in, then you must decide whether or not you know enough about that genre to start writing.

If you do not feel comfortable with how to go about writing a novel or formatting a novel, for example, you need to educate yourself first, either by reading everything you can within that genre or taking a class and learning how to do things the right way.

This also applies if you want to become a technical writer, a copy writer or even a  professional blogger, there are certain skills that you need to know before you can even start to consider writing for a living.

However once these core skills are learnt and you are familiar with what is required, there are abundant career opportunities available to the creative writer, apart from the obvious career path of writing novels or short stories, writing sales copy can be a very lucrative career, as can writing reviews or working in journalism.

By their very nature writers are creative people but this creativity should not be limited to just your writing, with a little thought, research and positive thinking it is possible to find a writing niche that is both enjoyable and financially rewarding.

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

- Ernest Hemingway

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